The US Charitable Trust runs five afternoon programs for secondary school students focusing not only on the learning of skills that the course teaches but the teaching the ability to work out problems and expose them to the relevant industry with field trips.

Music Industry teaches DJing ,playing an instrument & Music Production. The Media Industry teaches all aspects of filming from creating a story board to operating a camera, editing & directing. Drama & Public Speaking teaches acting skills, participating in debating groups & teaching interviewing techniques. Entrepreneurial Skills teaches the students to have confidence, be independant and forge ahead in life. Digital Skills students learn Coding, App Development, Game & Web design & 3D design/printing.  The first three programmes work towards Arts Awards as qualifications. Digital Skills qualification is still in the works.

US has been working with Pen Lister of Metropolitan University to develop a new driving license for the under 16s. We hope to have this by January 2016.

All students receive travel money to the venues and refreshments with time to discuss the excursion after the event.

All afternoon classes are supplied with fresh fruit and non-carbonated sugar free afternoon drinks. They all attend 8 field trips a year. They produce a showcase at the end of the school year. We pay sixth formers to act as mentors in each of these activities. Each course is evaluated by an independent organisation

Along side our structured programmes we have partnered with Newman Catholic College, Radley College in Oxford, Imperial College London. Newman provides US with free space and the necessary security for our students and staff. Radley College provides US with access to their playing fields, competition with their teams and more and more sharing of certain courses and knowledge. Imperial uses US to reach the students in this area who are unaware of their Crest Awards Scheme, which mentors, and provides free equipment to students in Science. In addition US has set up a link with Blenheim and the Sir Winston Churchill debating competition. Two groups of our students are now prepared and coached by this organization in preparation for the debates. For the Art Students, US has introduced a young Artist Oscar Murillo’s international student project. He is at the Venice Biennale and shows some of the work of students from around the world.

For our sixth formers we try to compress learning Social Capital and Cultural Capital into 5 programmes. Wednesday night Current Events Dinner where a variety of speakers address them and then have question and answers. This exposes them to real people in different professions. US creates real experience such as POP UP restaurants for them to manage every aspect of, events management, field trips in London and to Oxford, trips abroad, garden experience in both landscape and hard core, football matches and bike rides which they must manage, and finally exchange programmes abroad.