The Film Course is a year-long, vocational course in all aspects of filmmaking. The course will teach you about different types of media, give you a grounding in a variety of film making techniques, and provide you with all the skills you need to become a full independent film maker. By the end of the course, you will know how to turn a tiny idea into a finished piece of film. Grow your confidence as you grow your skill set. Get creative and express your ideas on screen! And importantly, empower yourself to seek and gain paid work within the film making industry. This is an incredible opportunity to gain valuable training and to become inspired and excited about your future.
•Aim – to equip our students with the skills, language and confidence to have a realistic chance of securing work within the film & TV Industry. or – if they prefer - to begin making & creating their own films.   
 •Benefits - The course will increase the students, confidence, interaction with one another and teach them to problem solve by working as a team. They will all have an opportunity to take control of their group by acting as the director whilst the others take on other key roles such as camera operator, actor & producer etc. and encourage them to realize their projects, be it a drama/storyline or a music video or a documentary.
•Wider Community – The students will be encouraged to engage in ideas & film projects that either effect or are relevant to the local community, to look at some documentary projects on subjects that effect their daily life outside of school. The community will be invited to all screenings and events to promote social cohesion and civic pride.
•Evaluate - We will evaluate the course monthly by having group screenings of their work, where they can invite friends and even family to view their progression. We will also hold regular working sessions where the different members of the team can give feedback to others concerning the role undertaken.
•Milestones – Completing & receiving recognition for different aspect of the course i.e. cameraman, director etc. Producing first short film/documentary. Screening to community.
•Ready to Work? – The participants will have spent considerable time during the course on set, in studios and undertaken work experience. Ready to get first job on a set or in a studio or to continue producing their own work.