•Aim – To expose the students to a variety of digital techniques which increase their understanding and improve their skill levels. Particular attention is paid to how these skills are relevant to current business practices and therefore will improve their chances of gaining future employment.
•Benefits -.The students will gain experience and necessary skills to either launch their own businesses or to offer to future employers. They will also benefit from the experience days which will expose them to current business practices and inspire them to set higher expectations for themselves.
•Wider Community – The wider community will benefit by being able to tap into the skills of the students as part of improving the perception of the young people. The students will also be able to pass on their skills once fully developed.
•Evaluate – The students will all be evaluated at the end of each 12 week course according to a set of criteria drawn up for each course. They will be informally graded and feedback will be given as to which elements need improvement.
•Milestones – Each course will have specific milestones which  will need to be reached, e.g. Website Live and Accessible.
•Ready to Work? – They will certainly be much more ready for work due to their invaluable experience and increased skill set and confidence. The aim is to help find placements and work for them.