•Aim –  to build confidence, encourage teamwork, promote self awareness and social cohesion whilst receiving drama training from an industry professional. 
•Benefits - Students benefit from the course by collaborating with a working actor/director/performer,  providing them with vocational training as well as access to a role model. This offers insight into a possible career option. The students develop acting skills and theatre training  which also promotes  awareness of body language and voice through role play and creativity through theatre devising. They will learn how to listen to each other, develop ideas creatively and collaborate with each other. 
•Wider community - It will benefit the wider community to have creative, skilled, inspired young people as part of it! The next generation of talent being tapped into in Harlesden.
•Evaluate - Arts Awards. There are also 'check ins' and 'check outs' with students at the beginning and ends of sessions to encourage them to self evaluate. 
•Milestones – Performances for the school and then wider community , including industry members (BBC, Channel 4 etc.), mock auditions and then the real thing. Jobs secured behind the scenes, pre or post-production and as actors.
•Ready to work? - they will certainly have gained experience and possibly an arts award which transfers to UCAS points/NVQs. The nature of the work will also have practiced role played job interviews and spent time working on speech, eye contact, body language - all essential soft skills in the work place/job hunt.